Acceptance Policy

We limit new clients every month and only accept to collaborate with projects or companies that have everything clear, transparency, and do not attempt to deceive customers or use misleading information on their website. Before starting the collaboration, iLuania’s CEO or quality manager will check your legacy and search for information about your company.

We will never accept to work with Dropshipping or similar projects. In the case of digital marketing, we only accept one company/project per sector in the same location.

In the case of startups, we only accept projects with different value propositions that our entire team would be interested in working on.

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We always want to guarantee the quality and good reputation of iLuania Group LTD, including our digital marketing agency iLuania. That’s why, before accepting to work with any project, whether long-term or short-term, we conduct a thorough study of the project and the reputation of the company. We will never accept working with projects lacking clear ideas or attempting to deceive their clients by providing poor-quality services or engaging in similar deceptive practices.

Limit of new clients

To guarantee the best service and to be able to provide enough time and quality to clients, we limit new clients every month. 

In case that your company or project passes the quality study and we cannot accept you due to time limits, you will be informed of the waiting time. If the time would be longer than 3 months, we will try to provide you with another solution or contact the collaborating companies in your country or region.


We greatly respect our clients, which is why we only accept to work with a single project or company in the same sector in the region. (For example: in the case of working with a real estate company in London, we will not accept to work with another in the same city, but we will accept to work with one in Liverpool or Madrid).


  • Restaurants, bars or nightclubs in the same location, as long as they are not direct competition.
  • Companies in the same sector but with different types of services or public (For example luxury boat rental and a boat sales company)

If you have any additional questions about our acceptance policy, you can contact the quality department: