Founder and concept

iLuania… is Alex Tamkevicius, a digital marketing specialist, and businessman, with his own professional team of freelancers with many years of experience. Can we say we are an agency? Yes, but we prefer to be transparent. Our team is not always sitting in our London office; the web designer won’t be sitting in a city center office. Instead, he probably work remotely close to the sea where he is happy and can be more productive, and the SEO expert might write your content while travelling.

You will be attended to by the manager, Alex Tamkevicius, online or in the country or city where you are. He guarantees that all services are of the highest quality and will take care of the digital aspect of your company, just as he does for his own projects. He will also advocate for his team and provide all the necessary guarantees for us to succeed together.

At iLuania (previously Balear Online), we have been working in this manner for more than 5 years, becoming an integral part of our clients’ companies. We don’t want to be just another service provider; we aim to be your partner.

Currently, in the long term, we only work with projects that interest us or hold a unique value!


Balear Online

Our (no) agency was founded in 2018 as a web design agency for local businesses in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) with the domain BalearWEB.es. However, after a short time, we realized that people were looking for more services than just web design, such as digital marketing or SEO. This is the reason why, after only two months, BalearWEB.es became Balear Online, providing digital marketing, SEO, and Community Manager services in Mallorca and later expanding our reach to serve clients across Spain.

Welcome iLuania

The idea is to never stop growing. After the pandemic, our focus shifted to Lithuania, and we began expanding into other markets. We gained clients in the Baltic countries and the United Kingdom, and started collaborating with reputable companies across Europe, moving away from the Balearic Islands market. In 2023, we finally changed our name to align with our new concept and solidify our international commercial identity, establishing the company in the city of London.


Pinpa Business (Mallorca)

Our partners and service intermediaries in the Balearic Islands, Spain, are mainly dedicated to the entertainment and events sector.

Pinpa Photography (Mallorca)

They are responsible for the quality of our images and serve as our trusted photographers in the Balearic Islands.