We present a Start Up at Mobile World Congress 2021

December 21, 2021

This week, together with the Eat Inn family, a Start Up from Mallorca and the Bit foundation, we traveled to Barcelona, to the most important technological event in the world: Mobile World Congress to present the platform for booking seats at hotel buffets. without being an Eat Inn guest at the 4YFN Awards.

Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a World Congress of Mobile, held at the Fira de Barcelona, Spain, and is considered the most important in its sector worldwide every year. This congress on global technology and R&D aims to promote international collaboration in mobile wireless communications. It was founded by Delson Group Inc and received strong support from authorities in various countries and key industries.

MWC/WMC is the space where the largest number of presentations on advancements in wireless and mobile communications occurs. The summit offered a unique opportunity for engineers, scientists, and investors in the areas of wireless systems and mobile applications to stay up-to-date with technical developments, connect with global leading experts, and engage with executives in the 4G mobile movement.

CEO of iLuania, with the founders of EatInn after their startup presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

From 2006 to 2019, MWC attracted thousands of visitors to Barcelona each year. The 2020 edition was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, although with significantly reduced capacity, it was held again, drawing just under 50,000 attendees, 300 exhibitors, 600 speakers, and 350 startups over 100,000 square meters. In contrast, the 2019 event brought together over 100,000 people across 120,000 square meters.

The 4YFN Awards

The 4YFN Awards is a global startup competition that aims to discover the best digital startups worldwide. It is the highest official recognition exclusively offered to startups during MWC Barcelona 2021.

Nine finalists, carefully selected by a panel of industry experts and investors, made it to the grand finale and presented on the 4YFN main stage. Following the pitches, the winner was announced on the main stage and was rewarded with an attractive prize package.

Our presented project secured the second prize in the Balearic Islands and the fourth prize in the 4YFN final. This achievement has provided us with valuable contacts, newfound strength, and inspiring ideas to guide our future endeavors.

Presentation of EAT INN at 4YouForNow – 4YFN: Alex Tamkevicius (right side) – Founder of Balear Online Group and CMO Freelance of EATINN, alongside Blanca Bartolamé and José Mª Peral – Founders and CEOs of EAT INN.

Our presented project secured the second prize in the Balearic Islands and the fourth prize in the 4YFN final. This achievement has provided us with valuable contacts, newfound strength, and inspiring ideas to guide our future endeavors.

Cloud City and the Bon Jovi Concert

TelcoDR’s CLOUD CITY is a world-class destination for forward-thinking CSPs at MWC21. At the epicenter of the public cloud movement, CLOUD CITY is home to dozens of cloud-native software innovators and pioneers of the new OpenRAN network that is revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape.

Danielle Royston, Chief Mayor of CLOUD CITY, invites you to experience next-generation solutions that promise to attract and grow subscribers using the latest technology at the lowest total cost of ownership in her spectacular space, which you can view in a presentation here:

Want to see something cool? Check out #CloudCity#MWC21 pic.twitter.com/Ah5vYCacKk— Danielle Royston (@TelcoDR) April 28, 2021

To conclude this spectacular showcase on the second day of the event, a concert by the great Jon Bon Jovi was held. This closed concert was exclusively for special Cloud City guests and came as a big surprise to many, receiving a very positive reception. You can watch a 15-minute concert video contributed by a Bon Jovi Fan Club YouTube channel in Spain.

Eat Inn Platform

The Eat Inn Platform is a new startup born in Mallorca and custom-developed by our Balear Online team. The core concept of Eat Inn is to provide tourists and residents not staying in hotels access to restaurants in the wide variety of accommodations spread throughout the cities. In other words, Eat Inn is like a Booking.com for buffet-style dining, offering accessible offers for everyone. This includes everyday use and specific occasions, such as a romantic weekend at a 5-star hotel in your area.

The platform offers numerous benefits:

  1. Hotels can reduce food waste by taking advantage of the unused spaces and increase profits by offering a buffet at the price of a menu of the day, always fresh and of good quality, aligning with the goals of the 2030 Agenda to reduce food waste.
  2. Customers can enjoy a high-quality and diverse meal at the price of a daily menu, conveniently located, with the assurance of the platform and the best hotel chains. Additionally, they can plan and budget their food costs for upcoming trips, as the platform allows reservations up to 30 days in advance for multiple meals.

If you haven’t explored the platform yet, we recommend giving it a try by visiting www.eatinn.net.

If you’re looking to launch a startup and need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be thrilled to assist you!

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