First works in Lithuania

July 7, 2021

Balear Online is progressively expanding its services to more countries within the European Union. As some of you may already know, we are collaborating with agencies from the United Kingdom and Germany, and we have also secured our own clients in various European countries. This time, we are excited to confirm the successful completion of our first project for a fast-food restaurant in Lithuania.

OK Korean Chicken

Primer trabajo entregado en Lituania por Balear Online. Fotografía de uno de los platos de Ok Korean Chicken Kaunas
Photo for social media by Vaiva Gasionytė

OK Korean Chicken, a Korean fast-food restaurant, is situated in Kaunas, the second largest city in the Baltic country that is currently experiencing significant growth. The restaurant has been warmly welcomed by the city’s residents, and within the first few days, orders flooded in from platforms like Wolt. Impressed by this initial success, the founders have decided to expand their reach. In addition to being available on major mobile applications, they are now offering their customers the option to order directly from them, providing better offers and aiming to build customer loyalty through their own website and ordering system. The website, created and developed by Balear Online web, incorporates a home delivery ordering system and a Fast Stop-style restaurant pick-up option. It is already accepting orders, and our team will continue to enhance and support it for at least the next three years. Furthermore, our manager, Alex Tamkevicius, who is fluent in both Lithuanian and English, will provide consultation and assistance to the restaurant’s marketing team to maximize the potential of this website.

Balear Online Lithuania

We are thrilled to initiate our operations in the Baltic countries, which are currently experiencing a substantial economic upswing. Although Balear Online will not have physical offices or a customer service telephone line in these countries for the time being, we will offer technical support via chat and email in Lithuanian and English to address any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have. If circumstances, particularly those related to the pandemic, permit in 2022, we plan to recruit staff in Lithuania. This move will enable us to provide instant resolution to any queries through a local team in the same city. Additionally, we aspire to open a Balear Online office in Lithuania in the near future.